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Shark Vacuum Brush Is Not Spinning: What Should I Do?

You are happily vacuuming your living room with your beloved Shark vacuum

Suddenly, you hear some strange sounds and your machine seems to make increasingly loud rattling sounds.

You look at your vacuum and find that you have sucked a stray sock into the machine and now the brushes stop spinning.

Everything happened so suddenly and unexpectedly so what can you do?

Do not worry. We’ll walk you through the most effective way to deal with this situation.

Keep reading!


Shark Vacuum Brush Not Spinning: Causes

The two most common causes of brushes failing to spin on a Shark vacuum are:

  1. Broken belts (traditional models)
  2. “Tripped” reset systems (modern models)

However, there are some other potential reasons that you need to consider:

  • If the bearings at the bottom of the brushbar get seized, you cannot turn it. This can also cause a broken belt, so look out for this as you check the belt
  • If your vacuum comes with a button for On/Off brush bar, check whether it is “On”
  • If the brushbar is already on and the brush stills refuses to spin, check whether your vacuum needs to have the handle need pulled back to its original position to start the brushbar or not. Many modern vacuums are designed to automatically stop the brushbar once the handle is set in the upright (storage) position to prevent damage to floors

Shark Vacuum Brush Not Spinning: Solutions

Disconnect the power

First of all, do not panic. Be patient and first of all disconnect the machine from the power outlet.

Examine the situation and if there is something stuck inside, carefully lift the offending item out.

After that, connect the machine back to the power outlet, turn it on and check downwards.

Is the brush bar rotating? If it is spinning, the problem has been solved and you can continue your cleaning. However, make sure you pay more attention to the stray socks and crafty curtains when you’re next vacuuming! To minimize the chance of this happening again, remove any big items from the area before cleaning. Do not overlook the tassels on rugs or curtains as they can be problematic.

How about if the brush keeps standing? Traditional upright vacuums come with a replaceable drive belt which you may have to check and replace while other models allow you to “reset” the brushes and restart cleaning straightaway.

  • As I mentioned earlier, modern upright models introduce a “reset” system in their brushbars. This means that you do not have to change the belts but simply reset it. How do you manage this? Make sure the vacuum is unplugged and check whether there are any materials trapped across the brushbar. If there are, remove them immediately. Use a pair of scissors to cut away any wrapped threads. After ensuring that there is no material left in the brushbar, turn the machine on again and press the brushbar reset button. If the situation has not improved, you may have to turn on the brushbar a few times. The specific steps may different among models, so check your own user guide carefully
  • If your vacuum comes with a traditional drive belt, check your user guide and replace the belt correctly. Normally, this step requires you to remove some screws from the base. In fact, the drive belt is specially designed to stop working in the event of excessive tension. This ensures that your machine’s motor will never sustain lasting damage. It also means that the issue may happen even after minimal use. Always have a spare drive belt with these models

If your brushbar is still not working after you have followed these steps, contact the manufacturer for more assistance.


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Carol - January 25, 2017

Where is the reset button located?

Carol - January 25, 2017

I just purchased the maroon shark vacuum. Whenever I push lever to clean hard floors , the rotator brush stops turning. it is so annoying. Do you have any suggestions? Thank you, carol

    Erin Lopez - May 26, 2017

    That’s the point. You can leave it on carpet to keep the brush spinning but then it will just throw debris everywhere

Thomas dix - February 2, 2017

On My Shark rocket the brush spins on and off not sure what’s going on. Can you help

Beth - April 8, 2017

wow, you rock! I thought for sure the button that turns the brush on broke on the inside. I unplugged and plugged back in and it was fixed. You are a genius. thank you so much. I was about to drive to costco to return.


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