Shark Plus Vacuum Instructions

The Shark Plus Vacuum is a wonderful, powerful vacuum.

It provides you with powerful suction at an easy-to-handle weight.

The Shark Plus Euro-Pro comes with a HEPA canister filter so that your home remains allergen-free.

New Shark Plus Euro Pro Super Lightweight QuickClean Canister Vacuum

Below are some simple instructions for running your new vacuum to the best of its capabilities.

Basic Operation

Make sure that every setting is “Off” before connecting the cord to an electrical outlet.

Set the cord container to 180 degrees to loosen the cord. Clear the ground to ensure that no small objects are sucked into the machine as you vacuum. Do not pick up hard or small hard pieces of debris which can accidentally shoot out from the vacuum and leave injury.

Make sure that the cleaned surfaces are dry so that your machine will be protected from possible damage and there will be no risk of electric shock.

Push down the pedal near the base which allows you to adjust the telescoping handle to your most comfortable height. Adjust the the vacuum height so that it fits the surface you are going to vacuum whether it’s bare floor or carpeted. Once you have plugged the machine in, push switch to the “On” position and start vacuuming!

Inserting Attachments

The Shark Plus vacuum has some nifty attachments for easier, better cleaning. For example, if you want to use the hand-held dusting tool, take out the dusting attachment at the back of the machine. Select either the brush for fabric or the hard plastic attachment for hard surfaces.

To insert the attachment to the machine, first push the locking pin then pull up and out. Move the part to the bottom of the wand then turn the vacuum on.

Cleaning the Canister

Cleaning the canister is essential for your vacuum to enjoy optimum suction.

Remember to remove the power cord from the wall before emptying your cleaner. Press the canister release button and pull the part out.

Hold it upside down and push the release button. Place the dust into a trash can.

Final words

In conclusion, the Shark Plus Vacuum is vacuum well worth investing in.

It comes with awesome performance and is easy to operate.

We hope these instructions help you to get swiftly up and running with your Shark Plus.

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