Shark Navigator vs Rotator vs Rocket

Are you wondering which is the best call between the Shark Navigator, Shark Rotator and Shark Rocket?

If so, this honest three-way review should help you choose.

We will run down the main features and compare them so that you can make the best decision based on your precise needs.


WeightPricePowerOverall Rating (1-5)
Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional (NV356E)Corded
30 feet
Bagless13.7 pounds4.54.5Editor's Choice
Shark Navigator Lift-Away Vacuum (NV352)Corded
25 feet
Bagless12.5 pounds4.54.5#2
Shark Rotator Professional Lift-Away (NV501)Corded
30 feet
Bagless15.5 pounds45#3
Shark Rocket Ultra-Light Upright Vacuum (HV302)Corded
25 feet
Bagless7.6 pounds4.54#4
Shark Navigator Deluxe (NV42)Corded
30 feet
Bagless15 pounds45#5


The Navigator, Rotator and Rocket are all Shark products so they have some common features.

First of all, they all include a detachable canister vacuum. This feature makes them extremely versatile. This removable canister makes it easier to clean areas like stairs which require detailed and deep cleaning. You no longer have to carry the whole vacuum with you. All three models are great at cleaning hard-to-reach places like corners, furniture, ceiling fans, exhaust vents and blinds.

Each of the three models is roughly similar price-wise and they represent fantastic value for money.

These three top-rated vacuums all come with a sealed HEPA allergy system. This means that fine dust particles, pollen, mold, pet dander and any other allergens are removed from the air. In addition, they are all bagless and have washable filters. This saves you from spending more money on extras.

The overall dimensions of the three models are similar. The Rotator is about 2” taller than its siblings.

Last but not least, these three best-rated models come with the same 5-year warranty.

The differences


In term of specifications, the Shark Rocket is lighter in terms of weight and includes a cleaning path which is measured 11”, a bit lighter than the Rotator (11.5”), but in general, it is considerably heavier than the Navigator, which is measured just only 9.5. It can be inferred that in case of the Navigator, you’ll have to make some additional swipes through your hardwood floor or carpet to make sure that the room is completely cleaned.

The most noticeable difference concerns the dust container’s capacity. The Rocket needs frequent emptying with 40% reduced capacity. Both the Navigator and Rotator measure up at 3.1 dry quarts while the Rocket only 1.8 dry quarts.


The Navigator and Rotator have 1200 watt motors while the Rocket's is only 700 watts. The Rocket offers less suction for this reason.

The Rocket's cord is 5” shorter than that of the other two models at 30". The Rotator and Rocket have headlights but the Shark Navigator does not.



This is one of the most pressing issues when it comes to choosing a unit. Nobody wants to move a hefty, awkward machine around their house while cleaning.

All three models are highly portable with the brilliantly designed Lift-Away pod. The Navigator and Rotator are around 14 lbs with their built-in canister weighing around a half the full vacuums. The Rocket is only 7.5 pounds. As such, it's the easiest to shift around.

If you want a more convenient cleaning appliance, Shark's cordless vacuum will be the right solution for you,

because the cord length does not restrict them. Cord-free vacuums are more flexible, and you can take it anywhere easily and quickly.


The Shark Navigator and Rotator both come with a lengthy 30 ft cord. This makes for easy cleaning, even in very large and high areas. You won’t have to bend down to plug and unplug the item when cleaning big or hard-to-reach places.

The body section of the Navigator is designed with very lightweight materials. This means less wear-and-tear. A very big dust cup is also included making emptying easy and effortless. The Rotator is similar to the Navigator as it is lightweight and easy to move about. The Rotator scores with its headlights placed on the machine’s base. This function is great for vacuuming dark spots.

The Rocket is also very easy to use, right from the beginning with its assembly. It's good to go out of the box within minutes and without the need of any tools or complicated guides. The built-in swivel steering makes it easier to maneuver the machine around corners, below tight spaces and all through hard-to-reach places.


These three models almost comparable for movement.

They come with high-quality swivel steering which makes for seamless operation. The Navigator has a big cup and the Rotator's is very well-designed. The small difference is that while the Rotator has a digital display which allows you to pick from surface types to clean, the Navigator doesn’t. Think about your precise requirements.

Attachments and Accessories

Both the Navigator and the Rotator have a crevice tool for special areas like baseboards or anywhere that requires detailed and exact movements. These two models also come with a great dusting broom which is capable of extending out to picking up crumbs or pet dander.

The Navigator includes a nice pet power brush as well as an attachment head to deal with hard surfaces. In addition, it has two microfiber pads so the machine performs better in areas requiring polished, detailed work.

In this sense, The Rotator offers the upper hand as it comes with a lot of other useful accessories. It offers a multi-angled dusting brush, a direct suction nozzle, a canister caddy and a home detail kit with a variety of cleaning heads.

And The Rocket? You'll get a pet power brush, an appliance wand to reach areas under appliances, an extra-long crevice tool and a multi angle dusting brush as well.


In general, these three best selling vacuums are all highly appreciated among vacuum users. But in some details, the Rotator is said to be better compared to the others. While it comes with the same suction power as the Navigator, it is better at cleaning edges. It also has headlights, boosted swivel steering and more available tools.

The Navigator and Rocket are also strong models so your decision should really depend on your needs.

If you just want a smaller item without all the power and a big dirt container, the Rocket is for you.

Think also about reading some reviews from real users, think carefully about your own demands and budget then come to a final decision and buy with confidence online or in the store.

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Ld - November 25, 2016

The rocket may be lighter but u are actually holding up most of the weight instead of just pushing around the weight like on standup vacuum. Like holding a 2 yr old vs pushing him arnd in a stroller….stroller msy add weight but simple machanics makes pushing easier than carrying. Plus the hot blow back air is blowing on or close to ur body vs on floor as with standups. Holding it upright wld mean its blowing close to ur face…no thk u. Too big to use efficiently in car instead of long hose w attachments…n w approx 1/2 the power whats the point? People hv vacuums to pick up as much dirt as possible right? Why buy one that wld only pik up possibly half as much for not that much diff in price?

    Robert Reyes - November 27, 2016

    Hi there.

    Everyone has different needs when it comes to vacuum cleaners just like with any product.

    As you can see from the comparison table, we have actually rated the Rocket 4th out of the 5 vacuums.

    The review was not specifically for vacuums to be used in a car.

    We very rarely give outright verdicts on which is the best because it’s subjective. All we have tried to do here is to compare the various models so each reader can make their own mind up.

    Thanks for getting in touch

Roma Lingerfelt - January 26, 2017

Which shark will work best with carpet with thick 1/4 in. pile? Thanks


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