Make Your Own Vaccum Cleaner At Home

Vacuum cleaners are the basic need of every house. Apart from saving time and energy, they provide the best cleaning on could wish for. The modern vacuum cleaners can clean the house even when you are away. The cleaners are quite expensive and can mess up if not used properly. However, they are not much complicated to assemble. 

The article elaborates on the process to make your own vacuum cleaner at home.

The items you will be needing

You need a couple of things to make your own vacuum cleaner at home. It is best to make a list of the components. The items used in the making process are quite common and easily accessible.

For the dust storage compartment, start with an empty plastic bottle. Along with the large plastic bottle, you will also need sharp cutting tools, a 12v DC motor, a smaller plastic bottle, and a pen refill. A deodorant can will be used as a fan. You will be needing a bending pipe which will serve as the nozzle and a glue gun. You may use a colored glue gun. You can order a purple-colored glue gun using purple shopping discount codes

A hammer and nails will also serve their purpose in the making. You will be needing a soldering rod for making some holes and joining some wire connections.

Now follow this step by step process. 


Start with making a mini vacuum cleaner. The plastic bottle will serve as the body whereas the deodorant will be used as a fan. To make the body, cut the bottle into two equal pieces. One part must be placed on top of the other to make a circular looking body.


To make the fan, cut the deodorant using a hacksaw into a flat surface. Take a ruler and make a spiral diagram using any colored marker. Cut the pointed lines using a knife. Place a nail in the exact center of the sheet. It will start to look like a fan.

To power the fan, you will be needing the 12v battery motor and pen refill. Place the pen refill on the rotating rod of the motor and join the fan on the other end. Place the three carefully inside the body of the vacuum i.e. the plastic bottle. To extend the wiring, you will be needing a copper wire with a socket attached to its one end. To tightly place the motor, you can use sticky tape or glue. 


You have assembled the main parts of the vacuum cleaner till now. Now it’s time to make the suction nozzle that is to be attached to one end of the body. Start with making a hole to the center of the bottle cap. It will accommodate the plastic tube. Glue both the cap and tube in their place and attach the smaller plastic bottle with a hole in its base. You have your nozzle ready. 

Now after attaching the nozzle, your small vacuum cleaner is ready for use.

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