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How to Install a Filter in a Shark Handy Vacuum

Besides great features in general, Shark handheld vacuums impress users with their convenience because they can deal with dust in very small areas where the the larger, bulkier vacuum cleaners struggle.

These little cleaner are battery-powered. They collect debris thanks to a removable dust cup which is easy to use and detach. A filter is a vital part in this dust cup which serves to protect the delicate parts of the motor.

Operating the vacuum without the filter may cause dirt and debris to enter the motor and result in serious damage which may decrease performance and function.

Here is a quick, handy guide to help you with installing the filter properly.

Filter Shark Hand Vacuum

What Will You Need?

Just the filter!

What Should You Do?

It’s very straightforward.

  • Push the dust cup release button which is housed on top of the machine
  • Place the filter into the dust cup. Make sure that it fits and slides in the dust cup with no resistance. Never force it to meet the dust cup
  • Line up the dust cup and the motor then push them together. When you hear a click, the dust cup is in its correct position and the filter is safe and ready to use


It is recommended by the manufacturer that you should tap the filter once you finish cleaning and also between washings. This will minimize the dirt and dust which gathers on the parts.

Also, take out the dust cup and wash it along with the filters with the foam and running water once every three months. After washing, make sure that your filters are completely dry before reassembling them.

If you want, you can order a set of replacement filters via the official website of the company or by contacting customer service. Alternatively, you can look for them elsewhere online or at national chain retailers.

Final words

Installing a filter is simple, right? You can do it yourself at home.

Follow these basic instructions and enhance the life of your vacuum cleaner.

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