How to Fix a Vacuum That’s Lost Suction?

Have you ever experienced the situation when your vacuum loses suction? What did you do in this event?

Here we will give you 5 effective tips to identify and then successfully fix your vacuum.

There have been a lot of commercials for vacuums which lose suction because once a vacuum doesn’t offer suction, it becomes useless. The most common solution is to invest in a new and more expensive vacuum.

However, you now can change the situation by checking the 5 usual reasons behind this issue and investigate the solutions.

How to Fix a Vacuum That Lost Suction

Height Is Improperly Set

The fact that your vacuum is too high for the space you are going to clean is the primary reason which prevents the machine from picking things up. Actually, most vacuums come with a little dial or lever for users to raise or lower it. It often appears “Bare floor” then shows numbers from 1 to 5. Bare floor is the lowest level that your vacuum has and should be used for floors finished with tile or wood. The lower your floor is, the closer to bare floor the dial should be. So if your vacuum loses suction, first try reducing the machine to the lowest setting and check whether the problem is related to height.

The Bag Is Full

If your machine hasn’t improved after being set to a lower level, you should check if the bag is full.

Fortunately, this is very easy. Upright and canister vacuums often include a fill line on the bag. If they are bagless vacuums, the line is in front of machine. When the vacuum’s bag is full, the machine continues sounding as if it is working but there is no suction power. The answer is to either simply empty the collection canister or replace the vacuum bag.

The Hose Gets Clogged

If replacing the over-full vacuum bag or clearing the canister yields no result, the reason may be that there is so much stuff in the vacuum that it clogs the hoses. You can check this when removing the bag or canister. If you see a clog of hair when looking into the hole, the hose could get clogged. To solve this issue, pull out hair chunks using tweezers. If this doesn’t help you to remove the hair completely then you should take out the hose and repeat the same procedure.

Worse, if you find that there is a clog in the middle of the hose making it impossible to for you to reach the chunks with your fingers or tweezers then you can try other methods.

The first is to completely take out the hose, bring it outside, firmly grasp onto the unclogged end then rotate the hose around as fast as possible. The centrifugal motion will help to push the kink to the end of the hose making it much easier for you to pull it out.

The other approach is to make use of a long stick, for example a broom handle. Firstly, carefully insert the stick into the vacuum hose. Once you reach the blockage, drive it through until it goes out at the end of the hose.

With either of these options, you needs a trash can ready since there will usually be a poof of loose dust that will come out with the clog.

The Vacuum Is Not Airtight

If the vacuum bag isn’t full and the hoses have no serious blockage, the next possible reason is that it’s not airtight. As per its name, a vacuum works by generating a vacuum to pick up dirt from the floor. So, once air isn’t properly in the system, the machine can’t pull the stuff up. Although this issue sounds so technical, it is actually caused by a no-brainer mistake…

Check the place where the hose attaches to the vacuum. If you have ever taken out the hose to use any attachments, your setting it back in the hole of the base may not have been sufficiently tight. If there’s a gap when the air gets around the closure, the machine won’t be able to pick up much from the floor. So please make sure that the pieces are tightly put together. If that looks fine, check to ensure that your vacuum bag is tightly attached to the vacuum. If you didn’t push it on far enough when installing the vacuum bag, it may have fallen off and is resultantly creating no suction.

The Roller Gets Clogged

The roller gets clogged

If everything like the bag and hoses seems to be in good condition, the final thing to check is the roller.

Let’s flip your machine over to check this part. Once the roller is covered with hair or something like yarn from your carpet, it can’t turn or brush through the carpet and fails to pick up dirt. If you discover that the roller of your carpet is clogged, you can fix the problem easily using a sharp pair of scissors. Begin at one end of the roller, cut through the hair and gunk a little at the same time. The furry mess will be removed in small pieces so as you cut and begin to pull it away, remember to toss it in the trash. Afterwards, turn the vacuum over and examine if it is working better.

If everything is satisfactory but your vacuum still isn’t working, you had better think about taking your machine to a repair shop. But remember to contact local repair shops to make sure that they service your particular model. Repairing a vacuum doesn’t cost so much but if your problem is serious it may be as expensive as buying a new one. In this case, obviously, investing in a new cleaner is preferable.

The person from repair shop can guide you to do a little diagnosis over the phone before you bring the machine the shop. This won’t be amazingly accurate but he can base his advice on this and tell you whether to attempt repairs or purchase a new one.

Final words

Think about diagnosing the problem yourself if your vacuum loses suction before paying for repairs or a replacement.

This handy guide should help you to get to the bottom of most basic issues with suction.

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Tufano Tosheff - July 30, 2019

Hi , I am so disappointed in your product my vacuum is less then twos old allready having problems! I bought a cheap vacuum year ago A Bissel and it at work led but I have it away! So no no vacuum! I will never buy one again


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