How to Empty Your Shark Vacuum

Here are some very handy hints on emptying your Shark vacuum.

How to Empty a Shark Vacuum

Shark vacuums include a plastic dust bin for storing debris and dirt instead of using disposable vacuum bags like many other vacuums. This means you don’t need new bags but you will need to empty the dust bin frequently to protect the vacuum from getting clogged or losing suction.

Shark also recommends you empty your vacuum once you finish vacuuming or when the bin appears full if you have just vacuumed a large or particularly dirty area. Emptying is also necessary if you find problems a reduction in suction, dirt being left behind, weird sounds like air gasping or any unpleasant odor.

Emptying it is a simple procedure.

Rotating Brush

First, take the vacuum out.

Then, lay it down on the ground so that the rotating brush is visible. You can put a bag or towel under it to capture the dirt and debris that you’re going to remove.

If your machine is tangled up with hair or string, use a pair of scissors to cut them away. Sometimes you might need to tug a bit.


It is normal to empty the dirt collection canister following use, but sometimes, once a month perhaps, you will have to do more than that. Yes, you will have to clean it with soap and water.

Wash it in a sink filled with warm and soapy water. Use a long-handled bottle brush in order to reach every crevice. As this part doesn’t come with any electrical connections, it doesn’t matter if you submerse it in water.

As soon as the cleaning and rinsing are done, open the two ends again and pop the part outside to air dry.


When you remove the canister, you will find one or more foam rubber filters and some felt ones.

Take them out and place them in order so reassembly will be easier.

Wash both the foam and felt filters but be careful or you will damage the felt ones.

Do not install the filter(s) into the machine at this point. Make sure that they are completely dry first.

Finally, put your washed and rinsed filters outdoors to dry naturally.

When all the parts are clean and dry, reinstall the filters and canister. 

Final verdict

If you take steps to maintain and clean your vacuum properly, it will last you a long time and operate most efficiently.

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