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How To Choose The Best Shark Vacuum for Hardwood Floors?

Are you looking for some advice on how to choose the best Shark vacuum for hardwood floors?

Vacuuming hardwood floors requires both attention and care as you risk scratches from scuffing when cleaning.

Fortunately, Shark is well aware of this flashpoint. They offer some great vacuums with special features for hardwood floors.

Vacuum for hardwood floor

What To Consider When Buying a Vacuum Specifically For Hardwood Floor?

Before considering the goods vacuums available on the market, keep in mind that not only are vacuums produced differently in terms of quality, they are also cater for different cleaning needs.

Start by searching for “hardwood vacuum” rather than “top rated vacuum cleaners”. Why? If you target models rated highly as general purpose cleaners they might not be great for hardwood floors. Perhaps they are meant for carpets only. Choose accordingly.

What Features Must a Hardwood Floor Vacuum Have?

After limiting your choice to a vacuum for hardwood-floor cleaning, it’s time to check out which offer the best features…

  • Wheels and padding: Firstly, keep in mind that a good vacuum for hardwood floor cleaning is one which leaves no marks on your floor. Look for rubber wheels and padding which will help to protect your floor from accidental scratching
  • No beater brushes: Secondly, rotating beater brushes are the enemy of hardwood floors. Look at the the head of the machine to check whether or not it includes rotator brushes. (They are commonly covered with thick bristles.) It is not advisable to purchase vacuums with beater brushes since these parts are supposed to go deep into carpet fibers when you vacuum but they are likely to be the cause of serious damage to a hardwood floor. However, some items introduce an On/Off switch for this
  • Great suction power: Look for strong suction models to effectively suck up dirt out of a wooden floor
  • Other features: The perfect hardwood vacuum should have the mixed features of a broom, a mop and suction but how do they work together? The soft, upright brush is to sweep the floor as well as remove dirt. The suction is to remove the loose particles. And the washable and reusable micro-fiber pad works as a mop by removing dust from the floor
  • Lightweight and compact: You are going to vacuum a delicate wooden floor so look for one which is compact. This will make sure that you can maneuver easily and reduce the the risk of accidental scratches and scuff marks

Actually, Shark has introduced several vacuum models which all meet these above requirements. Some of them even offer unexpectedly careful and through cleaning. And two of the best Sharks for these purposes are the Navigator LiftAway NV356 and the Rotator LiftAway NV650.

What About The Vacuum’s Style?

Style of vacuum

Like any other types of vacuums, Shark also has machines in various styles.

Think about some of these issues before making your decision…

  • No bag or a disposable bag? Which would you prefer?
  • Do you like a big container vacuum that’s multipurpose or a simple compact stick for small surface areas?
  • Do you want a full-sized cleaner or a a handheld one which allows you to move around any areas you want to clean conveniently and easily?
  • Are you looking for a dedicated pet vacuum or a regular one?
  • Do you like a vacuum with automated features?
  • What do you think about a backpack vacuum? These vacuums are great and ideal for vacuuming large areas without requiring you to hunch your back

Final words

Carefully analyze your needs, take the above tips on board and buy a vacuum which will clean your hardwood floors until they are sparkling without doing any damage.

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