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What is a Good Beginner Table Saw? 3 Factors To Consider and It is Not The Brand!

If you are new to any woodwork project, the first tool you probably need to be very familiar with is the table saw. However, it can get really intimidating on deciding what table saw to get if you are a beginner. Just taking the advice of the store owner without doing your own research might not cut it either, because how else will you know if you are just being wisely marketed instead of truly being advised? Some storeowners will say anything to make a sale!

Still, this should not put you off buying a table saw either. Table saws are the workhorse of any woodwork project; without one, it’s impossible to get anything done.

If you are looking for the best table saw for beginners, the first thing to understand that there is no one size fits all model, nor a perfect brand. Instead, take account these three simple tips in determining a good beginner table saw.

Get a Portable One

There are many types and sizes of beginner table saws, but we would recommend you get portable table saws. Portable ones are truly suitable for those starting out because they weigh less than 50 pounds and are compact. This means they are just right for beginner work, such as cutting boards and small boxes, among others.

If you get a big one immediately, you’ll probably be intimidated by the sheer size of it to even start any small project and at the back of your head, you’ll even start looking at it as a waste of space because your projects are not nearly as big as a big-sized table saw is cut out to do. If you know you just want to cut longboards and maybe construct a small table, why get a big one that cannot be easily stored nor carried?

Brand does not matter but we can recommend the DeWalt Model DW745. It’s 10-inches and already as 20-inch rip capacity. It has all the basic functions that beginning woodworkers would require. It also bevels 0 to 45 degrees. 

We recommend this specifically because it has some notable protective features built already. When you are starting out, accidents are all too easy to happen because of certain errors, and the protective features of this model can help you at least stay safe. For instance, it has a steel roll cage that secure it when dropped or put down suddenly and too heavily. Despite being a beginner model, it still does not compromise on accuracy. Using it ensures accurate cuts. If you can find a beginner saw tat has th same feature, even not the same brand, then we say go for it.

Great Protection Against Kickback

Again, when you are just a beginner to cutting and ripping with a table saw, you can expect accidents to happen. One type of danger that newbies face is the kickback danger. According to one study, thousands of people land in ER yearly because of kickback injuries. Therefore, get something that offers excellent protection against kickback. Kickback refers to the incident where the wood suddenly and without warning propel back towards the operator very fast. When the wood strike your head, chest, or torso, then massive injuries can be sustained. Moreover, when you do not move quickly and do not take you hand off the table saw, you might also suffer some scary injuries.

Once more, the brand does not matter when it comes to having this feature. A good beginner saw with great kickback protection is the Craftsman Evolv 15. It is of 10 inches as well. Apart from having excellent protection against kickback, this model comes with a stand, blade wrenches, hex keys, blade guard assembly, rip fence and many more. All these offer additional security features against table saw injuries.

Price Ratio to Operational and Built-In Safety Features

Another important consideration is, of course, the price. You can expect that the table saw for beginners cost less than the advanced models. There's no shame in getting the model with simple features if you know they are enough for you to work with. If you want to make simple furniture, then look form one that can just make bevels and raised panels. However, do not be limited in your choices either. Buy the one that has the best value for your money.

 Cheapest is not necessarily the best. A good rule of thumb is selecting one that can enable you to carry out the most complex operation you plan to make in a periodic basis. Even if you are a newbie and starting out, you should at least plan ahead and think of some complex operations you think you can carry out down the road and get a table saw that will allow you to do them. Of course, take into account what is the best value in terms of the safety features as well.

No table saw is worth it if it does not allow you to make the cuts you want to make as safe as possible. Built-in safety features should never be compromised for the price.

One model that we can recommend that are of good value is the DeWalt Model DWE7480. It's basic but has decent guards in place and portable. It has 24-inch rip and 10-inch cutting diameter, which allows for accurate cuts. It's currently priced at $412.31, which is pretty decent for a table saw with its operational and safety features.

When you are starting out and trying to determine what a good beginner table saw is, one fatal mistake that you can make is spending a fortune on a saw that you think have such swell features and look really cool, but end up not using it altogether. Believe us, it happens all too often! Not because the owner makes good sales pitches but there is usually the notion that the more features a tool has, the more efficient and functional it is - wrong!

If you should understand anything about our guide on what is a good Beginner table saw, it is that this should be just enough to keep you engaged in the hobby until you get the hang of making woodworks and plans to make much more complicated projects and one that can keep you safe at all costs. Once you get the hang of cutting and ripping without risk of injuring yourself, buying a more advanced model can be considered.

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