Shark vs Dyson – Which Vacuum Is Best?

Choosing a really good vacuum for your house cleaning can be hard work because there are currently a wide range of models on the market which can appear to be very similar. This can lead to confusion.

In this handy Shark vs Dyson comparison article, we will help to narrow your choices between the two most highly recommended vacuum brands, Shark and Dyson.

We will look at some of the similarities and differences.

Hopefully, if you are properly informed you can buy the best vacuum for your needs.

Shark vs Dyson: Two Leading Vacuum Companies

Both Shark and Dyson are well respected companies with great marketing campaigns.

They both consistently offer superb products which represent real value for money.

How Do They Compare?


Both Shark and Dyson vacuums contain some plastic parts, normally the primary parts.

Dyson edges ahead in terms of overall quality and the designs are truly innovative. Although both Shark and Dyson have cyclonic suction to remove clogged filters, Dyson perform better. The Dyson ergonomics are also superior.

Professional Use

Dyson is ideal to clean large spaces without too many obstacles. The suction power is great. The dust bin is large enough for you to finish cleaning a large surface without having to stop to empty it.

What about Shark? Shark is a perfect choice for housewives who often have to clean houses full of furniture or toys. The vacuums are built to easily access tough spots and they are remarkably maneuverable.

Pet Hair

For picking up pet hair, both companies boast bagless vacuums of amazing power. There are further tools available targeted specifically at dealing with the mess left behind by animals.

Dyson released the Dyson Animal series of vacuums which are tailor-made for pet hair. Two of the stronger models are the DC41 Animal and DC39 Animal.

The Navigator Bagless 2V22L or Rotator Professional Lift-Away are both sound options from Shark if you have pets at home.

Cleaning Surfaces

Both brands produce vacuums easily able to deal with carpeted and non-carpeted floors, so whether you have thick carpets, thin rugs or tile floors, there’s a Shark or Dyson for the job.

Also, unlike many vacuums which are designed with a traditional bag, Shark and Dyson come with a clear, plastic dust container. This makes it possible for you to vacuum constantly until the dust bin gets filled. Amazingly, no matter how large the surface and how frequently you use the machines, they will never lose their suction or develop clogging.


Dyson vacuums tend to be more durable than Shark. They have a longer warranty. Shark warranties are sometime limited to cover certain parts only.


Shark ace this category by some distance.

Their vacuums are roughly half the cost of the pricier and flashier Dyson equivalents.


Dyson are more powerful than Shark.

Shark sticks to a similar cyclonic suction with every product whereas Dyson constantly improves and its suction systems are getting better and better. They offer stronger overall suction while maintaining airflow and filtering health as well. Dyson conduct lab tests to demonstrate their claim to “the best suction ever”.

Shark are still fairly powerful but it is the lesser cyclonic system that causes them to lose out.

Ease Of Use

In term of ease of use, both Shark and Dyson are easy to use but this can depend on the surface they are going to clean.

Shark is especially easy to use when you need to vacuum a house which has a lot of obstacles to work around.

Dyson, on the other hand, are great for vacuuming large, clear surfaces. They are bulkier and tougher to move around.

Key Products

Both Shark and Dyson have a number of amazing units including the following stars…

  • Upright vacuums: Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away (NV652), Dyson DC65, Dyson Cinetic Big Ball
  • Cordless & lightweight vacuums:  Shark Rocket TruePet, Shark Rotator (SV1107), Dyson DC59 Motorhead
  • Canister vacuums: Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away (NR96), Dyson DC47, Dyson Cinetic.
  • Handy vacuums: Shark Cordless Pet Perfect II, Dyson Dc58

Customer Service

This has been an issue with Shark but they have improved over the years.

Dyson is the opposite… their reputation was first-rate but increasingly there are complaints about worsening levels of customer care.

Final Words

It’s time to wrap up this Shark vs Dyson comparison article.

You can see that each brand has its own benefits and drawbacks so consider things carefully and check some more Shark vacuum reviews if necessary to ensure you end up with the best vacuum for your requirements.

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