7 Common Vacuuming Mistakes to Avoid


Vacuuming is an essential part of cleaning the house. It not only keeps your house looking sharp but can also help to keep potentially harmful allergens to a minimum.

It seems simple to vacuum but make sure to avoid these rudimentary mistakes.

1. Don’t Vacuum In Every Direction

Many users vacuum their carpets in one linear way like they are mowing a lawn. This makes it impossible to dislodge dust completely, especially the dirt and allergens which sit deep in the fibers of your carpet. Vacuum instead in all directions. The purpose of this is to minimum the often invisible nasties which can lurk in deep pile

2. Don’t Forget To Empty The Vacuum Bin Frequently

Your vacuum can only work at its very best when its removable cylinder or bag is less than half full, so remember to empty your vacuum regularly. This is not complicated at all but contributes considerably to your machine’s working efficiency. You just need to press a button and empty a cylindrical dust chamber. Remember to check how much dust and dirt is in your cleaner frequently so that you can have the optimum emptying action and you will not waste your time and energy repairing your cleaner

3. Rushing The Job

Many users race around their rooms with a vacuum cleaner without allowing enough suction time. This is a serious mistake. So to avoid it, move your vacuum slowly and intentionally and let the motorized brush agitate the fibers in your carpet and remove any dust and dirt lodged deep in the pile

4. Don’t Use Improper Attachments

A real vacuum cleaner often comes with different tools to clean every area in your house. Unfortunately, many people don’t know to make use of the attachments or make use of them incorrectly; as a result, the edges of a room are often neglected during the vacuuming process

5. Don’t Forget To Adjust The Settings 

Vacuum cleaners are available with different settings for hard floors or for carpets. So, as you move from cleaning carpet to cleaning floors, make sure that the setting has been adjusted for best results

6. Take A Reactive Approach

A really clean house is cleaned day by day even if it doesn’t look like it needs cleaning. Instead of waiting until your floors are visibly dirty or covered in dust, clean every day as a precautionary measure

7. Prepare Before Cleaning

If there is too much clutter, debris and furniture in your house, you cannot thoroughly vacuum it. Move any likely obstacles. Also, clear away the dust before vacuuming to avoid covering your carpets in dust from the fixtures and surfaces you clean. This advice is also sound for rugs and mats which should be taken outside for an airing before getting vacuumed.

Avoid these schoolboy errors and make vacuuming a simple, seamless procedure.

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